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Here are some customers who are happy with the job we have done and have allowed us to publish their testimonials publicly. We offer many thanks in return for their support.

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When my 5-6 months old Seagate hard disk crashed, I did not realize the extent of my loss till the next day when it dawned on me that the pictures of my 4 year old and 8 month old babies from 2012-2013 were lost and gone forever! I was told that recovery of data would go into the thousands of dollars. For someone who has just stopped working, that was devastating for me. I came across Adroit on the internet and the entire experience made me feel like I was going to the doctor to save my precious data --- memories of my babies. They recovered what was most important for me at a reasonable price. Thank you very much, what you have recovered for me means a world to me! -- Angela Liaw - Chua

Angela Liaw Chor Ping
Home User

2013 Jul 03


I'm very satisfy with the service & approach ADRC provide. I'll recommend their service to anyone who need it.

Andy Tan Swee Leong
Managed Pressure Operations P/L
2013 Jun 19


The two ladies, Emay and May, that I had contact with we're extremely helpful and very polite both on the phone and in person. They dealt with my request quickly and extremely efficiently and I would definitely recommend the company to any of my friends because of these two ladies helpfulness.

Murphy Helen Rosaline
Home User

2013 May 17


It has been my pleasure to be attended by Yimei, May and Felix. Especially Yimei and May whom i've call up a number of times for enquiries. They have patiently attended to my calls and sharing several options avaliable. I'm impress by their professionalism and service standards. I would definately reccomend ADRC services. Thank you.

Kelvin Chua
Home User

2013 May 15


Follow up very Promptly and efficient in seeing to customer needs

Normahazie Bte Jamalludin
Deskside Engineer
Johnson & Johnson
2013 Apr 23


Staff went over and beyond support even when I delayed them continuly due to my own medical issue they were patient, supportive and went out of their way to assist me and make the experience as easy as possible, very professional, courteous, I would be happy to recommend their service

Pauline MacNamara
Home User

2013 Apr 22


I was very sad and worry when my hard disk corrupted. I nearly freaked out if there was no chance to get my datas back as all of them are my travel photos around the world. Thanks to ADRC for their splendid job recovering my data. I owe u a lot. For anyone out there who really want to recover their data, this is the company i would like to recommend. Trust me, u will satisfied with their work.

Muhammad Taqiyuddin Bin Yahaya
2013 Apr 17


When my hard disk failed the 1st thing I think about is ADRC, it's superior! It only took 10 days and VIOLA! All my data is back, Thank You ADRC!

Kwok Wei Jian
Fook Sheng Enterprise
2013 Apr 11


I have to say - I didn't understand the intricacies of the special pricing plan available for home and student users at first, but May explained them very well until I understood them fully. I wanted to commend her for her patience in explaining them and her responsiveness. I also didn't know that it could take so long to copy data to a hard drive, so I dropped off the drive I wanted my data copied to one day before I wanted to pick it up, but I was informed that this probably wouldn't be enough time. May said she would try her best to get it done, and it worked! I was leaving on a two week trip over the weekend and I wanted to pick it up before I left, so this was certainly a relief. I am a happy customer, and I used ADRC after being recommended to do so by a friend, but ADRC's and May's stupendous customer service is what I think sets this service appart from others especially. Also, all of the data was recovered, in a much faster time than I would have expected for such a tricky job. Thanks!

David Gray Widder
Home User

2013 Mar 30


I am glad to have all my data back. Went to Asus service centre and was told impossible to recover any data as the computer was reformated. Thanks a Million!!

Vivienne Ong Siew Hong
Home User

2013 Mar 15