Recover Data from Corrupted Data Files

File Recovery

Very often, data file recovery is needed as a result of partial file corruption, virus attack or incomplete data recovered from a recovery job due to media or logical corruption. Commonly one may need to access damaged files such as Microsoft MS office Word doc, Excel .xls, Powerpoint .ppt, MS backup .bkf files, zip files, or any other application files. Whatever the situation, we will be able to perform the necessary file repair to retrieve the maximum amount of data from all kind of corrupted or damaged files.

It should be noted that data file repair will only be successful if the corruption is partial. If the data files have been completely damaged (for instance, due to complete overwriting of new data or unknown data shift), then there is no hope of repairing such files as this is the typical situation of “garbage in, garbage out”. Data file repair should be viewed as the last resort when one could no longer recover better data from any other sources so the only option is to get the best out of existing damaged or corrupted files. The result of repair will normally depend on the extent of data corruption and also the file types. For instance, compared to email data, it is harder to fix and repair a corrupted database for reasons of data integrity.

Due to lack of logic, certain file types are extremely hard to be repaired by automated utilities, for example, a corrupted picture. It is not clear what should be the missing objects or original color in the corrupted picture. Though manual editing of such picture may restore part of it, it is never going to be complete.

Some of the file types that we repair

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