Troubleshoot Windows Problem

Windows Troubleshooting

Commonly, you are unable to boot into Windows. After powering up your computer, you're ghastly greeted with a blank screen or a series of error messages that tell you that certain files are missing or corrupted and therefore Windows is unable to boot up. Such problems are typically attributed to system files corruption and can be resolved without incurring high cost from a computer technician or recovery specialist.

Some typical problems and solution (for Window Operating Systems) are :

BIOS / Boot Up Problems

BIOS Display Error Master Boot Record Corruption Windows Blue Screen Dump
Blank Screen At Start Up Unmountable Boot Volume Windows Failed To Load Due To Missing Files
CMOS Checksum Error Missing NTLDR Invalid Partition Table
Invalid Boot.ini or HAL.dll Windows Boot Up Errors    

Hard Disk / Chkdsk Problems

Stop Chkdsk Recover Lost Files From Chkdsk Chkdsk To Repair Minor System Corruption
Clicking Sound From Hard Disk Determine The Failure Modes Of Hard Disks    

Windows Problems

Sluggish Windows System Windows Repair Install Windows Restarts
Windows Shows Incorrect 120GB Size XP System Restore FIX Software Corruption
Hardware Troubleshoot Repair Corrupted DLL