Packing of Data Media before sending for Data Recovery

How to Pack Your Media

Materials Needed

NOTE: Do not use Styrofoam peanuts as they will attract static charge.

Proper packaging of damaged media is important to ensure that your media will not suffer further damage during the delivery.


Pack your hard disk in static bag. If not, a freezer bag can be an alternative. Hard disks are very sensitive to shock so do not be afraid to "over-wrap" your media.

Put your hard disk in a box that is twice as big as the hard disk. Fill up the empty space with bubble wrap, sponge or crumpled newspapers.
If possible, place a “fragile” sticker on the box to alert the delivery man.
Remember to label the packaging with the REQUEST ID you have obtained upon submitting the data recovery request form. (Or you can also print out a copy of the form that you have submitted)

If your data media had suffered water damage, do not dry it. Instead, wrap the media in a damp sponge and sealed in a plastic bag to prevent the water from drying out.

RULE OF THUMB: Always wrap your media like an egg to protect it from any shock or static charge.