Highlight of some common failure modes of FUJITSU 3.5' desktop hard disk drives

Common Fujitsu hard disk failures

Fujitsu no longer makes desktop drives so the discussion is mainly limited to older series.

Like all other disk failure, Fujitsu drives may fail without any signs. Due to a batch of faulty Cirrus Logic chips, the MPG and MPF series are badly affected with such failure on their controller chips.

When this happens, the disk will not be recognised by BIOS. You may also get an error message that says boot disk is not recognisable. Motor will spin, but disk will not get itself ready for data reading.

There are also a good number of failures associated with read write head failure. Clicking sounds can be heard and disk is no longer detected by PC system BIOS.

Some of the other common failures may be triggered by firmware corruption. BIOS may detect different disk sizes, strange model or characters. The only way to access data is to fix the corrupted code