Costs of RAID Data Recovery

Cost of of Raid Server Data Recovery

Adroit Data Recovery Centre had successfully recovered hundreds, if not thousands of RAID servers and arrays with different configuration and problems. The situation of each job is seldom identical. The data volume size may range from a few GB to a few TB. It could vary from a single to extremely complex RAID configuration with multiple raid controllers and RAID volumes.

Modern RAID

Modern raid using 250 to 750 GB IDE, SCIS or SATA disks could easily contains terabytes of data so the recovery process of raid will usually be tedious and time consuming. We could be talking about 2 days to 2 weeks for a full RAID data recovery. Paradoxically, the complexity of recovery does not depend on the amount of user data. Even if the required data size is small, the raid recovery process could be complex as we have to analyse fully each of the disk element in turn in order to retrieve the required data after the de-stripping process. See RAID data recovery process for more details.

As an example, another factor affecting the complexity of raid recovery is the number of disk elements making up the raid volume. In general, if the number of disk elements is more than 10 and the users happen to lose the original disk order and strip block size , it is then rather involved to retrace the order. The situation soon becomes an impossible task as the number of disks is approaching 14, which is the normal maximum number of disk elements per raid volume. Inevitably, the number of disks may poise a greater complexity than the shear RAID array size and the cost of recovery will therefore be higher.

RAID Pricing

In general, pricing of raid recovery starts from S$1500 onwards and will be more as the situations get more complex.

To established a more exact feel of the cost of recovery of your RAID system, please give us a call and our consultant will be able to give you an estimated pricing range based on your RAID configuration and circumstances. To establish a more exact price, we will need you to send us your drives so an evaluation could be made before a firm price is quoted. The RAID evaluation process will be between 1 to 3 days, depending on the complexity involved.

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