Data Recovery for Solid State Memory Data Media

Solid State Memory Data Media

Commonly this may include USB Thumb Drive, Smart Media Card , Memory Stick, Multimedia Card , Mini SD Card, xD Picture Card etc...

Besides technologically designed to be memory-based data storage, such removable devices are extremely lightweight with reasonable storage capacity and easy plug and play connection to USB interface. Currently the capacity of such memory devices can go to multiple gigabytes to even substitute a hard disk.

As such, users like to use the device to store MP3 songs, movie files, photographs and project working files. The increase in storage capacity and high portability could also mean a higher risk of losing valuable data due to unexpected events such as

  • Show dialog box “do you want to reformat media” when accessing the media.
  • Inadvertent data deletion or disk format
  • Virus attack
  • Bad sectors
  • Improper ejection of devices
  • Strange characters and unable to access required data
  • File access denied
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