Data Recovery for Removable Media

Removable Data Media Recovery

Data transfer is a common and necessary task nowadays. Be it students or working professionals, one always transfers data to and fro the servers, workstations or notebooks. Most of them often have either a thumb-drive or a portable USB drive which is light and easy to carry around.

The increasing volume of information has created a new wave for the usage of such media. Cameras, PDAs, Handphones use flash media cards to store the data such as photos, music. MP3 songs, movies and working project documents.
Generally, removable media can be classified into types depending on whether it is solid state memory (such as SD cards, memory sticks, thumb drives, smart cards, multi-media cards), optical (such as CD, DVD) or magnetic (such as USB hard disks, floppy disks, Iomega Zip / Jazz).

While using such removable media, it is not uncommon that users may lose data as a result of file system corruption, deletion, wear and tear and even mishandling.

Types of removable media


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