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Magnetic Data Devices

The data media may commonly include floppy diskettes, Iomega Zip or Jazz disks. Such media used to be extremely popular and had once dominated the removable data media market. Even today, it is still possible to see lots of such data media around though it is no longer the main stream due to limited speed and capacity. One characteristics of such device is it is made up of a soft data platter (where the data is stored magnetically as bits and bytes) and therefore is more susceptible to physical damage and dirt contamination after prolonged usage.

Common problems with magnetic media
    • Error showing “disk not formatted” or “File not found”
    • Accidental deletion or re-format of media
    • Dirt contamination
    • infamous "click of death" and unable to access the media
    • Disk I/O Error (such as CRC error)
    • System perpetually hangs when media is accessed

One should note that if such media is accidentally re-formatted, it depends if this is a quick or full format. Generally such media by default use FAT file system so a full format will initialize the system and data area completely so recovery in such case may no longer be possible. See more details on our FAQ.

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