Data Recovery for Optical Data Media

Optical Data Devices

Optical data media may include any one of the followings :

  • CD-R
  • CD-RW
  • Mini CD-R
  • DVD-R/W
  • DVD+R/W
  • dual-layered DVD
  • mini DVD-R/RAM
  • Magneto Optical

There may be cases where you are unable to access your CD DVD media which contain your important documents or backup archive as a result of unreadable, formatted, inaccessible or deleted data.

Commonly, the optical media may display the following errors:
    • Data media not accessible
    • Directory information is missing or corrupted
    • Garbage display or strange characters
    • Error message on “file not exist” while trying to open file
    • Media shows blank information with no data
    • Computer "hangs" while accessing media

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