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What is your success rate? The other company quoted 99% success rate so he must be good. You have more to learn from this pitfall. Do not be taken in by such number games.

Firstly, who is there to justify such number ? How did they arrive at such figure ? Every one likes to have a good and appealing number so is this something that you should trust ?

On the other hand, if some one tells you they have a 90% recovery rate, the next round they will tell you that your job is unfortunately unrecoverable and you belong to the other 10% lot. So what is the use of looking at such a number ?

Recovery is a complex issue and rescue attempt. The success rate really depends on the conditions of the media, how the user has handled the media after failure, the mode of failure and the make of data media etc. It is essential not to overwrite data or damage the data platter so recovery will eventually be possible.

So instead of just looking at the success rate as claimed, it may be better to judge from the customers' testimonials or track records, if any.