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Consideration of Data Confidentiality

Do you feel that your recovered data or your original data media is going to be kept safely? Are they going to pass the job to another service provider or overseas partners and increase the chance of data leak? How secure is the working environment?

We even had encountered cases whereby earlier recovery vendor returned the wrong disk to the user after declaring it unrecoverable. Upon successful recovery by us, the user found that all the data belong to some one else and it was a wrong disk recovered.

You may need to access what are the processes taken by the vendors to protect your data confidentiality. What are the rigorous steps taken to ensure that there is zero information leak. To some, it is better to lose the data altogether than to have it recovered and leaked out. Your data is yours, and should only be for you and whomever you choose to disclose it to. Choosing the wrong data recovery company will jeopardize the security of your data by exposing your data to a myriad of people, intentionally or not.