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Reputable Name Is My Guarantee

The pitfall here is one may think that every internationally reputable vendor is guaranteed to possess the same capability everywhere.

One needs to understand that it takes tremendous amount of time, resources and funds to build up a working lab with local technical expertise, spare parts and all necessary tools. That is the reason If you realize, even the best data recovery companies (I mean, simply the best) only have one or two full-fledge labs around the world. This is not surprising as it is not easy to spread such rare and skillful resources everywhere. More over, the skillful engineers are extremely mobile. Some international data recovery companies, in an attempt to establish overseas presence, the so-called overseas lab is nothing more than a one or two man team with a setup of no more than a collection centre. Jobs are consolidated and sent overseas. Having a state-of-the-art recovery lab in one country does not guarantee the same in the other country.

So you should understand now why most of the data recovery companies with good names are only strong geographically. This also probably explains the kind of low-grade work quality received from such "reputable" vendors.

Try to ask for the job to be done within 24 hours and you will soon find out from these "rep" offices that you need to pay for this and that and probably the job still have to take many days, if not weeks to complete.

The best thing you should do is to visit the office personally. Check the main trade of the company. Do they perform other trades? Is data recovery their only specialty? The office setup, the head counts, a conversation with the engineers etc will all reveal itself for you to make a clear decision.