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Best Price Consideration

Unfortunately, in data recovery trade, there is no best price. You may try a local shop who offers you a fee less than a small fraction of what others have quoted. So, the tendency is you will try the cheaper source first thinking that if they could not do it, then you move on to the more expensive options. That is what you should NEVER do.

Firstly, you may need to know more about head crash. In a typical hard disk crash situation, due to the extreme intricacies of hard disk structures, a few extra minutes of powering up the disk will cause complete damage by the "crashing head " to the data platter that holds your data. Some, if not most, recovery shops will try to run standard commercial utilities to see if they could recover your data. Such attempt is simply fruitless and often, devastating.

In other cases, the vendors may attempt to open up the disk in normal room environment, resulting in dust contamination of the data platter.

We have documented a few typical job cases for you to know more.

That is the reason why we always quote, "You may only have one and last chance of successful recovery!" Losing data without backup is bad enough. Losing the last opportunity to recover the lost data seems doomsday.

So our advice is : Do a careful study and comparison to find the best data recovery vendors, ask for estimated price range and if the cost is within budget, trust it to your selected vendor.

Again, the more valuable is your data, the more qualifications you should make in order to ensure that your data media does not fall into the wrong hands.

Physical failures will normally cost you a lot and there is no two ways about it. If a company offers you a flat rate, even for physical failures, beware. Most likely this is a scam, where ill advised methods are used, low recovery rates are produced. As a result, the chance of successful recovery is extinguished even in cases where it might be possible.

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