Data Recovery for Apple Mac

Data Recovery For Apple MaC OS

Apple MAC OS is a rather popular platform used in digital media and entertainment world due to its innovative design, friendly GUI and high power.

ADRC performs MAC data recovery for current and earlier versions of Macintosh operating systems such as:
  • OSX (all version including 10.0.x Cheetah, 10.1.x Puma, 10.2.x Jaguar, 10.3.x Panther, 10.4.x Tiger, 10.5.x Leopard)
  • MAC OS X Server (10.0.x , 10.1.x, and 10.2.x, 10.3.x, 10.4.x, 10.5.x)
  • MAC OS 9
  • MAC OS 8
  • MAC OS 7

The file system used by MAC OS could be:
  • FAT32
  • MFS
  • HFS
  • HFS+

Commonly, besides general hard disk failure of desktop or notebook (ie the iBook, MacBook, PowerBook, Power Mac etc) the user may lose data due to the following situations:
  • Deleted files of folders and clearing of trash bin
  • Re-formatted Mac volumes
  • Macintosh operating system corruption
  • Deletion or lost of partition
  • System prompt to re-format volume
  • Unable to access Mac Quick Mail, Entourage Mail
  • Missing or lost folders due to unknown corruption

ADRC works closely with various Apple Service Centres in Singapore to perform MAC data recovery for their customers. If you are in need of servicing your MAC computer system for other issues, you may want to find the closest authorised Apple service providers near you at

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