Repair and Fix Corrupted Microsoft Office Files

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office applications are the most common types of data files encountered in our daily data repair work. These include mainly Microsoft Words, Excel and Power Point.

There are a number of causes for the data corruption:
  • Virus attack such as the infamous zip worm virus has the ability to open up all MS office file types and save the files with zero size
  • Improper closing of application
  • Data contents affected by bad sectors
  • Logical system corruption (such as data shift) resulting in partial data lost
  • Partial overwriting of data files (for example, due to wrong use of Ghost clone)
  • Partial overwriting of deleted files
  • Unable to open files after performing chkdsk utility.

Whatever the situation, as long as the data corruption is partial, there is always possibility of retrieving the lost data satisfactorily.

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