Data Confidentiality Assured by ADRC

Guaranteed Data Confidentiality

ADRC treats customers' data with the highest level of confidentiality. As a result, we have spent considerable resources with carefully implemented procedures to ensure that data security and confidentiality are never compromised at all time.

Secured environment For Data Protection

The recovery process is implemented in such a way that only the customers themselves could access the recovered data if any verification is needed. If the customers choose to review the recovered data, they will be given access temporarily to the recovered data through sealed data media or network share protected with passwords. The recovered data is never put on-line unprotected.

Depending on the requirements of customers, we could specially encrypt the recovered data in data media and then sealed off the data with a "tampered-proof" sticker to ensure that no one else except the owner could access the recovered data. We also look into special data security handling if it is called for by the customers.

No staffs, besides the engineers who are assigned to the recovery jobs, are permitted any kind of access to the recovered data. The original data media sent for recovery process is securely locked when not in use. If there is a need to pass the data media around during recovery process, a proper chain of custody using electronic log book system is followed.

In situations if the customers have located specific problems with some data, only with their permission, ADRC will then look at the specific data segment as requested by the customers for any possible solution.

All incoming data recovery jobs by default will follow our strict in-house non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Some customers who may have their own legal NDA may also forward them to ADRC for signing.