Competitive Pricing of Services

Competitive Pricing

Our data recovery pricing is reasonable, competitive and complete.


Before we proceed with the actual data recovery, we will evaluate and then quote a confirmed price. As soon as the quotation is accepted by the customer, we will then continue with the data recovery process. There will be no surprise or hidden charges and customers will be made known all charges before making a decision.

The cost of recovery is purely based on complexity of job. Normally, the amount of data is normally not a critical cost factor. For instance, for a crashed hard disk, the cost of recovery has a lot to do with the hard disk type (IDE. SATA or SCSI), hard disk size, mode of failure, presence or absence of partial platter damage, user action before reaching us etc…

Whenever possible, we will make special concession if you are a home user, student or charity organization. Such special pricing will be treated on a case by case basis (normally we also need proof of identity).

Feel free to talk to us if you really need to recover your data but with a tight budget.

I need the data but I could not afford. Any help?