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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Adroit Data Recovery Centre strives for perfect data recoveries every time and each time by offering our "No required Data, No charge" policy, prompt service, data confidentiality, reasonable pricing and high success rate.


"No required Data, No charge” really means is if we could not recover any part of your required or target data, we do not charge you.

In the recovery process, customers specify the critical data required. We will attempt to recover all the data as requested. After the recovery process, we perform quality test to ensure that the recovered data is in good condition. Customers then have the option to come forward and actively verify the recovered data before accepting the job. If the job falls short of expectation, ADRC will attempt to rectify the problems.

We are able to do this as a vote of our high level of confidence to do a perfect job for our customers. We do not thrive on evaluation fees or unreasonable charges for sub-standard jobs.

Be aware of seemingly similar "No Data, No Charge" guarantee offered by some other data recovery companies. They will still charge you if they recover irrelevant data. The catch is they will not charge only if no data is recovered, but not the case if some trivial data is recovered, regardless if the data is useful to the customer or not.

Therefore it should not come as a surprise that ADRC has a long running list of satisfied customers who could attest to it. It is well understood that due to constraints, only a small fraction of satisfied customers are willing or able to write testimonials for us. We really appreciate all those customers who have come forward to give their kind words to Adroit Data Recovery Centre.