Long Term Business Commitment of ADRC
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Our Long Term Commitment to Our Customers

ADRC had been servicing customers with data recovery needs in Asia since 1998. To-date, we have handled more than 50,000 job cases and our customers may come from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and even as far as from USA and Europe. Throughout these years, millions of dollars of investment in parts, equipment, facilities and other resources had been made to ensure that we are always ahead of others and remain competitive all the time.

Besides setting up the first data recovery centre in Singapore and Malaysia, we are also the first in the World to introduce DataInsure protection plan where the customers only need to pay a small fee to get the laptop or notebook bundled with free data recovery services.


It is no coincidence that ADRC has been selected to be the data service providers of many industry leaders such as Acer, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Apple an Asus.

It is our long term commitment to continuously offer our customers the best value, timely and professional service whenever they are in need of data recovery and rescue.