Convenience To Data Recovery Customers

Easy and Hassle Free Process

Losing data is a traumatic experience. The recovery process has to be prompt, efficient, cost effective and convenient to minimize further anxiety.

Customer started the recovery process by requesting a job process from our on-line job submission system followed by sending the data media to our lab for evaluation.

To ensure that the whole process is hassle free, the customers may choose to request our free local pickup service (for location in Singapore only) if you do not have time to send in the disks to us for evaluation.


Alternatively, the customer may send in the media through their own courier agents.

Whichever way the customers choose, convenience to customer is our key concern.

ADRC has also introduced the on-line Data Recovery Job Status Enquiry System as an effort to service our customer better by providing immediate status update of our recovery process. Using the system, customers are given a login user ID and passwords to check the job status on-line 24 hours a day.

ADRC helpdesk staff commonly communicate by telephone, email or whatsapp.

In ADRC, we understand the importance of getting back the data to the customers within the shortest possible time through a highly efficient and personalised service. This is reason that we pamper the customers with choices and alternatives to ensure that the whole recovery process is a breeze.