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Windows restarts without pre-warning

When your PC re-starts accidentally without any pre-warning, the possible reasons are as below:

Software Issue or Error

For non-Window XP users

  • Reboot your computer in Safe mode
  • If your computer does not restart automatically anymore, you will need to consider identifying and solving your software problem.
  • If your computer continues to restart in Safe Mode without warning, it is likely that your computer suffers from other issue rather than software issue

For Window XP users

Each time error is detected, Window XP is designed to reboot automatically. However, by following the steps below could help the system stop rebooting and display error message whenever error is detected. From this, a user can detect for system error

  1. Right click on My Computer, choose Properties option
  2. Point to Advanced panel

  3. Under Startup and Recovery, press button Setting
    In the Startup and Recovery window uncheck the Automatically restart check box. Click Ok .



Hardware Issue Or Error

Failure in hardware operation may cause errors to be generated accidentally and Window system to be rebooted without warning.

If you have just installed any new hardware device, make sure it has been removed from your system

If you have just updated a new version for your drive, restore it with previous one

Your computer may be experiencing a hardware conflict. Try right-click on My Computer, choose Properties - Hardware - Device Manager .

If there is any exclamation mark (!) appearing next to a particular device, it means this device has a conflict with other hardware device.

  • Improperly installed hardware device may also cause a problem of automatic reboot. Try unplugging the cables and expansion card and re-connecting them again.
  • If you have been trying all the above methods and still face with the same problem, your computer might be having a bad memory.

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Heat Issue

When the temperature on the motherboard or processor is getting too hot (above 60 Celsius degree), your computer system will likely reboot automatically because it has reached an unsafe mode of loading.

Virus Harm

Virus (i.e. Blaster Worm) may cause the system to operate incorrectly and restart all over again and again. Time in between could range from 5-15 minutes. Systems affected by this kind of worm are Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.


Out-Of-Date BIOS Chips

There is no harm that you should look out for BIOS update from your manufacturer. Minor problem in BIOS or even some errors with a part of hardware installed into your system may cause the sudden reboot of the system.

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