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Here are some customers who are happy with the job we have done and have allowed us to publish their testimonials publicly. We offer many thanks in return for their support.

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Thanks for the help that you provide. The harddisk is installed into an equipment. It works immediately and w

Poh Kong Hui/ Mr Yeo
2012 May 18


May Sze is helpful and clear in her explanations. She is highly efficient and dependable. She was able to put me at ease that my data would be recoverable. Indeed it was completed within 2 days! A big THANK YOU to her.

Jessie Yong Sai Hwa
Home User

2012 May 17


Great service , some what pricey however it is well worth it and I would highly recommend ADRC

Danesha Marasinghe
Home User

2012 May 14


profession!!! and mature plan

Chen Bo
Home User

2012 May 04


I do not check with others on pricing, i can afford it that all! By faith i selected ADRC based on the website contents with out consulting others. It's a good job done! Regards

Chow Chee Sue
Managing Director
Sinar Date Master Sdn Bhd
2012 Apr 24


We are just relieved that you managed to recover our daughter's photos. Those are memories that can never be replaced. Well done.

Chew I-Tsin
Home User

2012 Apr 24


This was the first time I am using your service and I am really impressed by the overall recovery of so many files in such a small device, a thumb drive. Thank you!

Paul Loh Hong Liat
Home User
2012 Apr 05


ADRC has done a great job recovering the data from my crashed hard disk. All my data was recovered within a short period of time, very efficient work!

Tan Sheng Lian
Home User

2012 Feb 22


Good job to ADRC that have helped me to recover all my data successfully. I'll definitely recommend to my family and friends for their professional skill and excellent service.

Putt Kah Kit
2012 Feb 08


Great recovery track record. 100% so far.

Rudy Razali
Service Desk Engineer
Johnson & Johnson
2012 Feb 02