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Here are some customers who are happy with the job we have done and have allowed us to publish their testimonials publicly. We offer many thanks in return for their support.

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I was very happy with the services rendered and I can recommend anybody to make use of your services. It was quick and accurate and pleasant.

Anne Jonkhans
Home User

1999 Nov 30


ADRC has done a good job, I managed to recover all my important files from my severe Harddisk Crash. The work was coordinated seamlessly, getting the data back within just 3 working days. As such there was minimum impact to my ongoing work.

Anthony Loy
Project Engineer
Singapore Area Engineering - Singapore Chemic
1999 Nov 30


was shocked to learn that my machine refused to boot up. Reason diagnosed was hard disk crash. I was totally blank as my data for the last 3 years was in and the last back up of key data was 3 months old. The other data was important as well. Once contacted with ADRC and spoken to Felix, got a sigh of relief and I saw light at the end of the tunnel. Within 2 days my data was up and ready to be handed over to me and I was back to business in 48hrs. Excellent service, customer sensitivity and responsiveness together with competitive costing for the job. That's what I have to say about ADRC. Good luck to you guys.

Arshad Hussain
Regional Sales Manager - ASEAN
Hummingbird Asia
1999 Nov 30


I found your service to be very efficient both in the time it took you to deliver me a new HDD with my data and the fact that you retrieved all the data from the failed drive. I had not previously backed up data and it would have been a disaster for me had your company not been able to perform this task.

Ian Paterson
Baker Hughes (M) Sdn Bhd
1999 Nov 30


After the agony of a laptop computer crash with much invaluable information potentially lost, I was fortunate enough to track down ADRC who managed to retrieve the lost data off my exhausted hard drive. Even though it was an unforeseen and definitely unwanted expense, the sourness of an expensive mishap was sweetened by the discs which were presented with my retrieved files. Service was professional and understanding of the situation. All the same I hope I never have to call ADRC again!

Brad Dillon
Director of Photography
Most Wanted Pictures
1999 Nov 30


I have had Adroit Data Recovery Center to recover a set of important files for me. The service and result was flawless, and I can recommend their services.

C. Ifversen
I-Entertainment Tech. ltd.
1999 Nov 30


Adroit was the only company after a long search that provided a quick turnaround to recover critical data, and at the best possible price. Customer service was excellent beyond belief.

Chris de Lavigne
Frost & Sullivan
1999 Nov 30


I should have found your company earlier! After trying several other options I was most pleased that your company professionally supported me. Also you accepted my recovery job after office hours on the eve of a holiday and fixed the problem within the shortest space of time. Your service was expensive but your professional, prompt and effective recovery service fully justifies your charges. Thanks again for your good service.

Erich Vosshage
Director Business Development Asia Pacific
Saint-Gobain Vetrotex
1999 Nov 30


My girlfriend’s hard drive crashed and we were unable to retrieve our data. We spoke to many people who said they could help but in the end they could not. Only after engaging ADRC did we finally get the data. They retrieved all that was lost and did so for a very reasonable price. But not only did they get the data back, they did so with excellent customer service. They were open and communicative, having daily contact with us and answering all of our questions. ADRC is a credit to their industry and to customer care in general. Kudos for a job well done!

Greg and Min
Home User

1999 Nov 30


From Day 1 to the completion of the data recovery, ADRC had proved to be an extremely flexible company to work with. Even with the difficulties that our company had caused them, Felix Chang (Manager of Data Recovery Lab) still managed to patiently contact us and kept us abreast about any progress done. Due to ADRC and Felix's hard work, they managed to retrieve most, if not all data caused by the crash from our Linux file server. For their outstanding services, they managed to save more than 5 years worth of precious data.

Gregory Wong
Systems Administrator
Regional English Language Centre
1999 Nov 30