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Before sending for data recovery

How do you charge the price of your service?

Price of data recovery depends on job complexities. This in turn depends on the types of media. In the case of hard disks, knowing the disk model will determine the hard disk size and types of technology used, and hence the necessary work involved to recover the damaged media.

The cause of failure must also be determined before one could decide on the course of recovery action and hence the associated cost.

Other factors may include any complications due to prior recovery attempts, presence of data encryption, job urgency, file system and special user or system requirements.

Typically, hard disk recovery may range from a couple of hundreds to thousand odd Singapore dollars.

We do give special discount consideration for home users, student and non-profit organizations.

You may want to read our general recovery pricing guide for more details.

What is data recovery?

What are the chances of getting back my data?

What is Class 100 clean room? Why is it needed in the data recovery process?

What is the success rate of your service?

Why is data recovery so expensive?

What about my hard disk warranty? Will my warranty be void after the service?

How do I select the right service vendor?

Do I need data recovery?

Can I do my own recovery work?

While working, what should I do once I realise I lose files I am working on ?

Why should I choose your service over others?

How do you charge the price of your service?

Will it be cheaper if I want less data?

How about my data confidentiality? I absolutely do not want my data to get leaked out!

I have checked that your competitor quoted a much lower price than you do.

I need the data but I could not afford. Any help?