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  • Native Compiler
  • Negation
  • Network
  • Noninterlaced
  • Nonvolatile Memory
  • Novell Netware
  • Null Cycle
  • Null Modem

Native Compiler
A compiler that produces executable code for the system on which it is running, as opposed to a cross-compiler, which produces code for another system or processor. Most compilers are native compilers.

The conversion of a two-state (binary) signal or bit pattern into its opposite state – for example, the conversion of 1001 to 0110.

A group of computers and associated devices that are connected by communications facilities. A network can involve permanent connections, such as cables, or temporary connections made through telephone or other communications links. A network can be small as a local area network consisting of a few computers, printers, and other devices, or it can consist of many small and large computers distributed over a vast geographic area. Small or large, a computer network exists to provide computer users with the means of communicating and transferring information electronically. Some types of communication are simple user-to-user messages; others, of the type known as distributed processes, can involve several computers and the sharing of workloads or cooperative efforts in performing a task.

An adjective describing a display method on raster-scan monitors in which the electron beam scans each line of the screen once during each refresh cycle. Noninterlaced displays effectively pay attention to every pixel on every line of the screen as the electron beam sweeps across and down the inner surface of the screen, refreshing the displayed image many times each second.

Nonvolatile Memory
A storage system that does not lose data when power is removed from it. Intended to refer to core, ROM, EPROM, flash memory, bubble memory, or battery-backed CMOS RAM, the term is occasionally used in reference to disk subsystems as well.

Novell NetWare
A family of local area network operating system products produced by Novell, Inc. Designed to run on IBM PCs and Apple Macintoshes, Novell NetWare allows users to share files and system resources such as hard disks and printers.

Null Cycle
The shortest amount of time required for execution of a program; the time needed to cycle through the program without requiring it to process new data or loop through sets of instructions.

Null Modem
A cable that enables two computers to communicate without the use of modems. A null modem cable accomplishes this by crossing the sending and receiving wires so that the wire used for transmitting by one device is used for receiving by the other and vice versa.

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